Indian Military Academy Passing Out Parade 2023

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IMA Passing Out Parade 2023

Chief of Army Staff Gen. Manoj Pande on Friday reviewed the Passing Out Parade (POP) of Gentleman Cadets at the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun. “A total of 374 Gentleman Cadets of 152 Regular Course and 135 Technical Graduate Course, including 42 Gentleman Cadets (GCs) from seven friendly foreign countries successfully passed out from the portals of IMA,” the defence ministry said.

The POP marks the culmination of rigorous training at IMA, a premier institution imparting training in leadership, self-discipline and the art of war. The training at IMA is aimed at the optimum development of intellectual, moral and physical qualities essential for leadership in the profession of arms. Training at the IMA inculcates patriotism, character, dynamism, initiative and understanding that are the very basis of leadership in the Indian Army.

During the ceremony, the Army Chief praised the Parade Commander and participants for their immaculate turnout and synchronized drill movements, reflecting the high standards of training and discipline instilled in the young leaders. He also commended the instructors and staff at IMA for their commitment to imparting top-quality training to the future leaders of the Army.

Addressing the passing out course, the Army Chief said, “The Profession of Soldiering is the noblest of all professions, that gives you a unique opportunity to don the uniform and serve your motherland, with selfless devotion. It is a career, driven by a sense of purpose and demands sacrifices from you, beyond the call of duty. In the years ahead, your resilience, determination and unwavering resolve, will be the bedrock upon which the Indian Army will continue to make the tricolour proud, in all its pursuits.”

The COAS also expressed his admiration for the parents of the gentlemen cadets, acknowledging their role in raising men of character who are now prepared to uphold the robust value system of the Indian Army. He credited their contributions to the shared vision of transforming young boys into combat leaders, emphasizing their invaluable support.

In addition, the Army Chief extended his congratulations to the Gentleman Cadets from friendly foreign countries, highlighting their role as ambassadors for their respective nations. He expressed confidence that the training they received at IMA would form a solid foundation for their personal and professional growth while further strengthening the friendly ties between their countries and India.

During the ceremony, various awards were presented, including the prestigious Sword of Honour awarded to Academy Under Officer Mihir Banerjee. Other awards recognized outstanding performance and merit among the cadets from different courses and foreign countries.

The Passing Out Parade concluded with the highly anticipated “Pipping Ceremony,” where the proud parents of the newly commissioned officers affixed shining brass stars on their shoulders. These young lieutenants will now join their respective units across the country, including those stationed along the Northern and Western borders.

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The Chief of Army Staff congratulates all the passing cadets for their hard work to reach that point. A total of 374 cadets completed their training at IMA. The regular course cadets were 152, and 135 were technical graduate cadets. There are 7 foreign cadets and 42 gentleman cadets in the IMA Dehradun parade in 2023. The other medals that are given in the ceremony are also given to different cadets. A bronze medal on the basis of merit was given to Kamal Preet Singh. The Bangladesh Trophy and medal for the foreign cadet were awarded to GC Kinga Lhendup.

Sword of HonorMihir Banerjee
Gold MedalAbhimanyu Singh
Silver MedalMihir Banerjee
Silver Medal TGSuryabhan Singh
Bronze MedalKamal Preet Singh
Best Foreign CadetKinga Lhendup (Bhutan)

The largest number of passing cadets are from Uttar Pradesh. All the numbers of cadets from the different states are given below.

  • Uttar Pradesh – 63
  • Bihar – 33
  • Haryana -32
  • Maharashtra-26
  • Uttarakhand-25
  • Punjab-23
  • Himachal Pradesh-17
  • Rajasthan-19
  • Madhya Pradesh-19
  • Delhi-12
  • Karnataka-11
  • Jharkhand-08
  • Tamil Nadu-08
  • Jammu and Kashmir-06
  • Chhattisgarh-05
  • Kerala-05
  • Telangana-03
  • West Bengal-03
  • Gujarat-02
  • Indian Cadets of Nepali Origin-02

Indian Military Academy Passing Out Parade Photos 2023

Antim Pag Photos

“Antim Pag” is the Last Step that a Candidate put out of the Training Academy and Finally gets commisioned into the Services in their Respective Units

It is an Emotion for a Candidate who has Done So much of Hardwork from Clearing the Written to Getting into the Academy!

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