25th Passing Out Parade of Officers Training Academy, Gaya

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The 25th Passing Out Parade of the Officers’ Training Academy in Gaya happened on June 8, 2024. At this event, 118 cadets became new officers in the Indian Army and the Assam Rifles. Here’s what happened:

Special Commissioned Officers Course – 52

  • 43 officer cadets
  • 15 officer cadets from Assam Rifles

Technical Entry Scheme Course – 43

  • 20 officer cadets from Cadet Training Wing, MCEME, Secunderabad
  • 24 officer cadets from Cadet Training Wing, CME, Pune
  • 16 officer cadets from Cadet Training Wing, MCTE, Mhow

Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, the Vice Chief of the Army Staff, watched the parade. The drills were very well done, and everyone felt very proud. Academy Under Officer Pankaj Sharma was in charge of the parade. The Vice Chief also gave medals to the best cadets.


  • Sword of Honour and Gold Medal: Battalion Under Officer D Subhash (Madras Regiment)
  • Silver Medal: Battalion Cadet Quartermaster Subham Singh Tanwar (8th Gorkha Rifles)
  • Bronze Medal: Academy Under Officer Pankaj Sharma (235 Bengal Engineers Regiment)
  • Silver Medal: Academy Cadet Adjutant Jagsir Singh (Corps of Army Aviation)
  • Chief of the Army Staff Banner: Gurez Company

Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi told the new officers to keep the Army’s values and traditions alive. He also talked about the importance of being kind and skilled while leading soldiers in both peace and war.

There was a special ceremony at the War Memorial to honor fallen soldiers, where senior officers paid their respects.

During the Pipping Ceremony, the cadets put on their new stars, becoming official officers. This was a proud moment for them and their families.

On June 7, 2024, before the main event, there was a display of exciting activities for the families. This included horse riding, motorcycle stunts, gymnastics, aerial tricks, combat free-fall, and traditional dances like Gatka and Bhangra. The Vice Chief of the Army Staff, the Commandant, and other important people also watched these events.

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